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Chinese Dance Workshops

Looking for Chinese dance workshops? More than likely you are a school, performing arts college or a an organisation looking for a community activity day!

Here at Dancing Arts, we cater for a selection of Art workshops ranging from African dance to Indian Bollywood and classical dance, Street dance, Chinese dance, Music workshops from different cultures, Storytelling and a lot more. Please see our list of  Workshops for schools 

Below is information on our Chinese dance workshops.

Chinese dance workshops 

We deliver Chinese dance workshops to schools in any part of the country.  All of the artists are full-time professionals and have had extensive training and experience in the delivery of workshops. They all also have successful performance careers. Between them they deliver workshops in the  Ribbon dance, fan dance and lion dragon dance,

For obvious reasons Chinese Dance workshops are in greatest demand in the February and March when schools are running projects about Chinese New Year. Please note that  every year a number of our artists return home to celebrate this festival and are not available for some of the period so its best to book early in advance to avoid disappointment.

Our children’s workshops are a combination of Chinese culture, traditional Chinese dance and folk dancing. We usually ask the children what they know about China and then show and tell them Chinese symbols/objects. Our Chinese dance workshops would begin with a basic warm up, leading to a small routine incorporating Chinese gestures that the children  pick up easily.The folk dance section is where the fun really begins.Our artists teach a variety of Chinese dances including Chinese Ribbon Dance, Chinese Fan Dance and Chinese Umbrella Dance.

To book or for further information please call us on 02476 996218 or email us on info@localhost/dancing-arts/

Chinese Ribbon Dance is one of the most famous traditional Chinese dances. The Chinese ribbon dance features dancers using sharp, rhythmic movements and long colourful ribbons. The silk ribbons are attached to short, varnished sticks, and as the dancer manipulates the silk, they also perform specific steps and leaps. The ribbons and choreography are precisely synchronized so that the ribbons form patterns and designs in the air that are captivating to all who watch a performance. The history of the Chinese Ribbon Dance goes back thousands of years. Chinese Ribbon Dance originated during the “Han Dynasty” and reached its peak in the “Tang dynasty”. The ribbon dance was performed only for the royal people. Today, Chinese Ribbon dance has its popularity among the common

Chinese Fan Dance dates from 2,000 years ago and was developed during the Han dynasty.The Art of  Chinese Fan Dance conveys the hue, extravagance and splendour of the Chinese culture and is mesmerized by spectators all over the world. The Chinese Fan Dance highlights delicate movements with constantly changing rhythm, which is dynamic and graceful.Chinese Fan Dances are generally divided into folk dances and classical dances. Folk dances include the kung fu fan dance, which is somChinese

Lion Dance is a traditional Chinese dance where 2 performers mimic a lion’s movements inside a lion costume. Lion dance started thousands of years ago inChina as a way of people being able to see a lion without it being a real one! The dance has developed through the years of change inChina.

There are three types of  lion dance, Chinese Northern, Chinese Southern, and Taiwanese.The lion dance is usually performed at many important occasions, including Chinese New Year,  birthdays celebrations, business opening events, and wedding ceremonies by the Chinese communities. Basic lion dance movements can be found in most Chinese martial arts.


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