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African Dance Workshops

Looking for African dance workshops? More than likely you are a school, performing arts college or a an organisation looking for a community activity day!

Here at Dancing Arts, we cater for a selection of Art workshops ranging from African dance to Indian Bollywood and classical dance, Street dance, Chinese dance, Music workshops from different cultures, Storytelling and a lot more. Please see our list of  Workshops for schools 

Below is a description of African dance.

African Dance

Our African dance workshops in schools are rich with a variety of movements set as routines. Some require lots of power and intensity and others are more calm and gentle with an element of beauty as the main motive. We start by getting the children to learn some simple African Dance songs so they can get the feel of the music they are about to dance along to. The introduction of the clapping then helps them to pick up the rhythm. These African dance workshops can be facilitated with accompaniment of professional drummers playing traditional music that enhances the intensity, energy and beauty of the dance. Our artists can provide pupils with African costumes as props and this way they get the  learn the history of the dance and rhythms for their simplicity during the session. This gives them an understanding of traditional life and culture in Africa. As professionals with vast experience, the African dance workshops sessions will be beneficial to the children as they are uplifting and act as a motivation to enhance activity and participation.

Fun and energetic sessions…..

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