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Brazilian Drums

Looking for Brazilian drums workshops? More than likely you are a school, performing arts college or a an organisation looking for a community activity day!

Here at Dancing Arts, we cater for a selection of Art workshops ranging from African dance to Indian Bollywood and classical dance,Street dance,Chinese dance,Music workshops from different cultures, Story telling and a lot more..Please see the list of workshops offered. Below is information on our Brazilian drumming workshops.

Brazilian Drums

Percussion workshops in schools-Hands on experience of Brazilian rhythm

  • An extraordinary confidence building experience for pupils.
  • Benefits children of a wide range of ages and abilities

These fun drumming workshops teach children to play traditional Brazilian samba rhythms and songs as a group. These samba drum workshops are up-beat and energetic team activities enabling groups with any musical ability to work and play together. Our artists are well informed on these workshops and are professional  performers.

These workshops will require a large enough space for the drums and for the children to be able to sit in circle.Children love them.

To book or for further information please call us on 02476 996218 or emails us at info@localhost/dancing-arts/



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