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Diwali Special-Indian dance

Diwali – The Hindu Festival of Light

Celebrate Diversity through Arts Workshops

 Bring Diwali into your school and work with a professional Indian Dance Artists who will engage your pupils in this exciting and colourful workshops.Through dance, the story of Diwali is told .There are many other candle dances to be learnt and of course the rangoli patterns, playing of colours on the floor.

Diwali is the most celebrated Hindu festival, the festival of light  and is celebrated throughout India with great festivities and light. It is the equivalent of   Christmas in the west. People in India exchange sweets,decorate their houses with candles at night and play with fire works.

Whole of India does look very beautiful on this special day. It is said that Lord Rama came back home from exile after 14 years and hence Diwali is celebrated. There are very special candle dances that people do in various parts of the country. All the houses are decorated with colours in various interesting holistic patterns called rangoli.

We can make this day very festive for you. Our artists will get Indian sweets to share with the children. Each group can learn a different thing and everyone could come together at the end and make the occasion festive, It’s a great cultural awareness day. Here are some of the activities to enrich Diwali celebrations.

  • Candle dance
  • Rangoli
  • Sweet tasting
  • Story telling
  • Music

Could do Bollywood as well… the purpose is to be happy.

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