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Indian Dance workshops

Looking for Indian dance workshops? More than likely you are a school, performing arts college or an organisation looking for a community activity day!

Here at Dancing Arts, we cater for a selection of Dance workshops ranging from African dance to Indian Bollywood and classical dance, Street dance, Chinese dance, Music workshops from different cultures, Storytelling and a lot more. Please see our list of  Workshops for schools 

Below is information on various Indian dance workshops.


Indian dance is very diverse in its movements. Children of today are well informed on Indian Bollywood of dancing and we find it extremely rewarding to teach them what they truly enjoy. From Bhangra beats to Bollywood hip hop to Classical to Stick dance to Rajasthani Ghoomar, Indian dances take the children on a colourful journey to India. Indian dances are as diverse as they come and are very energetic and colourful. All the movements come out of the various traditional classical dances of India namely, Kathak, Bharatnatyam, kucchipiddi, Oddisi, Chauu etc. The Bollywood Dance styles is one of the most happening sessions and most children take to it so much that they want to perform.This style of dance has  taken various elements of traditional Indian folk styles of dances and also a lot of the western modern styles.

List of Indian dance styles taught

Kathak  Bhangra  Ghoomer  Stick dance  Semi classical  Creative contemporary  Haryanvi  Bollywood folk  Bollywood hip-hop  Bihu  Madia  Lavni  daang raas Jai ho  Ananda shanker style and many others

We also do India Culture Days  as well which are delivered by an Indian artist in full traditional costume. They work throughout the day with your pupils (Indian Cookery, Indian Dance, Music, Storytelling or Art), and through their art form give children a rich experience with active participation and discussion. For more info please call us or email us. 

We help you design your day with our help.See the list of Indian dances taught below.

To book or for further info please call us on 02476 996218 or emails us at info@localhost/dancing-arts/

Bollywood dance

As the name suggests, these are dances from various Hindi films and are full of choreographic movement from Mumbai. Extremely energetic,these Bollywood styles can be very modern and hip and can also be extremely traditional, where the movements depict certain stories and incidents. In traditional styles of Bollywood dances a lot of movements are folk from the Indian villages. Both are equally enjoyed and the music is selected from the best of the Indian cinema.

This is a very popular form of Indian dancing and most schools ask for this to start with.Sometimes we are asked to bring Bollywood clips from the cinemas and that is a hit with children.

Bhangra dance

Bhangra is a traditional folk dance from the state of Punjab in India. This very full of life dance is performed at the time of the harvest season hence most of the movements have a ‘cutting of the harvest meaning.’Extremely popular again since its done in almost all London clubs. The movements are energetic to say the least.

This can be done both by men and women though certain movements can be more specific to males.The costumes are airy and colourful to say the least.We also provide costumes when requested at a little extra cost.

Semi classical Indian dances

The movements here are specifically taken from the Indian classical dances but are simpler to perform. Lots of notes , vocals and instruments used in the music are also used in the classical dance forms.Very beautiful movements with varied music.Kids take to it well.

Not suitable for very young children.Our favourite :)

Folk dances from India

These are dances from different folk regions of India and are unique to that particular state. For example, Ghoomer comes from Rajasthan, Dandiya from Gujarat, Madia from Madhya Pradesh.The famous stick dance also comes from Gujarat and is a folk dance.

Very beautiful unusual movements make these Indian dances very enjoyable, not suitable for young ones.We pride in our expertise in folk dances as our artists are trained in these styles to a high professional standard.

To book any of the above or for further information please email us on info@localhost/dancing-arts/ or call us on 02476 996218


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