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African Drums workshops

Looking for African drums workshops? More than likely you are a school, performing arts college or a an organisation looking for a community activity day!

Here at Dancing Arts, we cater for a selection of Art workshops ranging from African dance to Indian Bollywood and classical dance, Street dance, Chinese dance, Music workshops from different cultures, Storytelling and a lot more. Please see our list of  Workshops for schools 

Below is information on our African drumming workshops

African drums

Every single child in the class room is given a chance to do some drumming. Most probably they will have their own drum on which they are taught various African rhythms with unusual but rather amazing grooves. At the end of the session they all demonstrate what they have learnt by performing for each other in a circle. The sizzling beats combine with the essential components of stamping, sliding dance foot steps of movement and create a high energy atmosphere.You can see the smiles on children’s faces.The artist will explain what  these sounds are used for and how stories in African villages are told using these drums. East Africa is a rich area with lots of rivers and mountains, tropical rainforests and magical creatures. This form of awareness through drumming  is very educating and informative .

Much loved and popular sessions….African drums workshops

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