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Storytelling is a fascinating experience for children, especially the young ones. Our team of artists will mesmerise your children with our Stories from India and Africa and of course the famous story on Diwali.

All the stories are told using gestures and expressions which delight the little ones. Each epic/story has a moral so they are educative and fun.There is usually a dance drama which depicts a story.

Indian storytelling workshops

India has so many epics in its history hence the stories are many too.From monkeys to lions to rabbits to donkeys …these ones are for the little ones who just love them! For primary schools children and above, the stories are about Krishna Radha Rama and Sita, all which are informative and tell of Indian culture. The most popular though is the story of Diwali.

Diwali festival is celebrated around October November times hence these workshops come in handy before or during those festivities.

African storytelling 

Through our rhyming stories, the pupils learn how African greetings and songs help keep good within the society. They will learn about aspects of town and village life through images, dvds and traditional costumes to stimulate questions. Our emotional and engaging sessions can cater for special needs students, with a range of traditional instruments they get a chance to see, touch, hear, and also to move to them. The ultimate aim is to educate the children but entertain them in joyful atmosphere..

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